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May 6, 20160 found this helpful

I saved my puppy with raw eggs and Pedialyte.  At the first signs of parvo I force fed my puppy a blended raw egg, I didn't use it but would recommend a medicine syringe, food injectables syringe without the needle or a turkey baster in a pinch or with larger dogs.  With my puppy, a Chiwenie, I adminstered 5cc(would probably use 5cc per pound on my labs) of Pedialeyte every thirty minutes, thats 48 doses a day, in-other words you will need help and copious amounts of caffiene.  The egg coates the stomach and prevents vomiting so the electrolytes can be absorbed in the intestines.  If vomiting recurrs adminster an egg.
Continue Pedialyte and eggs when needed (after vomiting) until dog/ pup becomes more responsive and is eating solid food. 
NOTE: as the animal becomes more healthy you may want to increase the time between doses by fifteen minutes.

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