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July 12, 20070 found this helpful

Thanks for all your posts, I was excited to see this advertised on TV, because I'd see ONE THAT REALLY WORKED, (or at least it LOOKED like it worked) on "Americas best inventions" (or a TV show called something like that) Anyway, this one was built by a Preteen boy, so they could keep the car cool when they left the family dog for a short periods in the car. (Yes! I know you aren't supposed to leave pets in hot cars!) The mom had said how great it worked for them, & how well it cooled their car down. (But, then, She's the Mom, what's she supposed to say?...) But, this one looked to me like it was more of a mini car window "air conditioner", not so much a "solar fan"... When I saw this kid had built a successful, working model, I thought, BOY-OH-BOY! I sure hope THOSE come to the market, because I would like to have one (or more) for my mobile home, AND one for my car too!

---> It's a GREAT idea, anyway... A portable, mini air conditioner. How many of you out there would like to have a WORKING one of these for your small camping trailers or a truck shell camper? Now someone just needs to invent & market a GOOD one!
*** I have to say that I DID find some very nice fans that run on batteries or a cigarette lighter in the camping isle at Walmart last week... You'd need rechargeable batteries, because they only run for 12 hours on high on 2 D' batteries. They had 3 brands to choose from. They run from $12 to $30.

-- A fan like this could really help cool a hot tent! For those of you who can't take the heat any more... Like me, this may be an option. (they're about 1 foot x 1 foot)

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