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By April. (Guest Post)
June 23, 20070 found this helpful

I already do all you have mentioned. I cook and do all our baking from scratch. We have an acre garden, and I can, freeze & dry our food. I also have grape vines and an orchard. The clothes dryer is only used when it rains, and then I try to only do what laundry I have to.
Our only expenses are:
*rural water (for the house)-animals & gardens use pond & well
*home insurance
*house payment
*telephone with internet ($24 a month total)
*cell phones (a must because everything is long distance, but we have the cheap family plan)
*auto insurance
*farm insurance
*taxes (property and real estate)
*church offering
*daughters copays for meds (some months $120)
*fuel-(for DH to get to work and back, & for farming)

We grow our own meat and eggs also, (we farm) and I manage to feed the entire family for around $250 a month (with using aldi's, rebates from walgreens and the garden).
I don't do the walmart thing but maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Nearest walmart is 40 minutes away. I do hit walgreens about every 2 weeks and use the rebates and coupons to basically get our toothpaste, shampoo and a few other items free. I use the dollar general stores, aldis, and we get most clothing as hand me downs from my older daughters who are on their own now, or the thrift store (clothing there is 25 cents on Wednesdays)

Our biggest expense is probably our insurances-but we have to have those. We don't rent movies, only have the educational channels on the dish (for home school use, for under $10 a month). We don't eat out. The A/C is not on unless it hits over 100 outside and is humid, we burn wood during the winter. Our pool is the stock tank or a pond, our entertainment is fishing in the back pond or a visit to the park, playing volleyball in the yard or camping at the other farm.

We could drop the internet and dish, but we need those for home schooling. We do not have a library here (our county keeps voting it down) and is $20 per person per year to have checkout priviledges at the one the next county over (plus the fuel to get there)

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