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December 7, 20040 found this helpful

There isn't much in this recipe so I doubt if it would do any harm. I've read things from veterinarians in both directions. I think that there were some studies that showed that anything in the allium family (leeks, onions, garlic) can cause a type of anemia because of the sulfur they contain.

It may not be the best for dogs but I do think it depends on the size of the animal and the amount given. It does seem to help with fleas and they can cause health problems also. I don't think a little bit hurts. But there are also many, many people who give garlic to their dogs often without talking about bad results and instead talk about the benefits.

From BoxerWorld
http://boxerwor … php/t-37573.html

"Because garlic is in the onion family many people (vets included) think that it is harmful to dogs. Garlic is not as concentrated as onions are and a huge amount of garlic would need to be fed to the dog to produce ill effects. I am talking like a whole bulb of garlic fed twice a day everyday. Also if you feed kibble chances are garlic is added to help with flavoring ;) Rocky probably gets three cloves of garlic a week which is a small amount but enough to produce the effects I am looking for. The health benefits of garlic are amazing!

Andie :D"

From Peoples Health Central

"Don't Overdose Dogs With Garlic!

September 18, 2000

Q: Sometimes you get comments from people recommending garlic against fleas and ticks. You ought to tell people that dogs and cats can't handle garlic and other vegetables in the onion family. If they eat enough it causes something like a heart attack.

A: Dogs and especially cats may experience a type of anemia if they are given onion. Garlic could also be a problem at doses used in herbal medicine.

Cats are picky enough eaters that they won't generally consume that much garlic by choice. But pet owners should be careful not to assume that they can use the same herbal treatments for their animals and themselves. "


"Onions, Garlic, & Related Root Vegetables

Onions contain a substance (N-propyl disulphide) which destroys red blood cells in the cat, causing a form of anemia called Heinz body anemia. Garlic contains a similar substance in a lesser amount."

In any case, I am not a veterinarian but we may have some out there in the ThriftyFun community. I'd use garlic with restraint and caution.

Susan from ThriftyFun

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