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September 7, 20060 found this helpful

The best thing that has helped me to grow my business is going to a ladies business networking group. I wish I had started one and planned on doing it but I found one listed in the newspaper and began attending on Thursday mornings. It is a laid back group and sometimes we just have a few women but we have a topic every week and we showcase our business or just a product each week. We meet at FitnessSpa. The owner immediately signed up with my company to get out of debt. She is paying $3100 per month in rent and only bringing in $900 net. Anyway, that jump started my business. I guess they figure if the one who started the group thought my business was worth it they could use my service as well. They have sent me family and friends too. Also, one of the ladies has her own website about our county. She was so impressed about my presentation that she put my own blog on her site. I talk about getting out of debt and frugal living tips. Everyone seems to enjoy the tips and I don't have to sell myself much. Check out my blog on and look on the right side under Brenda Ludecke-Money Mastery. I also decided to sell Avon again since I never could find an Avon lady since I quit a few years ago. Again I had a great response from all of them, telling me they didn't know of any Avon ladies. And again the owner of Fayette Forum wanted to put a free ad. on her site for my Avon. That is not up and running yet. I just wanted you to know what worked for me and you are welcome to pass this along if you like. I also wear my badge wherever I go and get several people who ask me what it's about. I try to keep brochures handy so they can take it home and read through it. I bet that would work for you. You could make your own brochure in color and take it to Staples or Office Depot when they have their 39 cent color sale and have them made up to hand out. I also put business cards in car windows as I pass them when I stop somewhere. Just one or two in passing. No big deal, free advertising.

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