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March 3, 20121 found this helpful

A shelter for you and the kids. Get out before you are hurt. After you being hurt, then the kids and the animals. Seems everyone has a solution for you and the children but i hear your fear for the animals. Contact groups and ask if possible that you can put the animals in their care for protection because you are afraid they will be abused when you leave.

Start even with the humane society, a friend, SPCA. Ask for protection so your animals don't end up in a kill shelter. If i were close, I would take them. There are lots just like me that would foster. Get to a group that actually helps.

My favorite (I heard one time) would be to get hubby drunk/passed out. Hand sew him up in the blanket so he can't hurt you, beat the crap out of him with an iron fry pan. Of course, that would make you an abuser so you would not do that. Sure is fun to think of it.

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