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By Annie. (Guest Post)
April 8, 20080 found this helpful
Best Answer

Hello UNKERS---wherever Amish people live--you will find it! It's much better than BenGay etc---smells like vicks and works wonders.

Also, I learned to do something different--am even doing it for arthritis areas---I do what's called ACUPRESSURE---not Acupuncture. It goes by the pressure points on your body---I go to each sore area--press not hard but softly but it still hurts and count in my head 01 up to 08---stop for the count of 03, and do it one more time--then go to the next sore spot you find---it's helped me now for many years! Sometimes it's the strangest sounding stuff that just may help---like that Ivory soap put at the end of the bed--will have to be checking that out! Annie

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