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Terms of Use is owned and operated by Cumuli, Inc. These terms of use describe the conditions on which the site content and information on this site are provided. If you use the site you agree to be bound by these terms including the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. is a website which includes recipes, craft projects, tips, essays, and shared photographs. Many of these items are contributed by site users and we welcome your participation by sharing content on the site as well. runs periodic contests in which we reward users for their contributions to the site and may also pay bonuses for specific content from time to time. Please consult the specific rules regarding each contest or bonus for specific terms. We reserve the right to remove content from the site at any time for any reason.

This site is intended for use by users who are at least 13 years old. We cannot accept content or participation by users who are under 13 years old. hosts user generated content and photographs. By submitting content on this site you certify that: You own all rights to the content. All recipes, tips, and essays should be written in your own words. Photographs submitted were taken by yourself and that any person who appears in your photographs has provided consent. You will not post any content which is defamatory in nature, infringes intellectual property rights, invades the privacy of any individual, or is in any way criminal in nature.

You retain ownership of the copyright on content that you post to the site. You grant an indefinite, non-exclusive right to publish that material on and affiliated Cumuli, Inc. websites and in email newsletters. hosts user generated discussions. We encourage only helpful and civil discussions. By participating in these discussion you agree to be respectful to other users, to refrain from theatening or harassing other users. We reserve the right to remove any content from discussions at any time for any reason and to cancel the login rights of users at any time for any reason.


We take notices of copyright infringement seriously. Images on this site are either the original work of Cumuli, Inc., provided by site users, or stock photography from iStockPhoto or ThinkStock. Recipes, tips, and essays on this site are the original works either of Cumuli, Inc. or site users.

If you feel that your copyrighted work is being used on this site improperly please notify our copyright agent with the following information: The identify of the copyright owner and your contact information including name, address, telephone number, and email address. Identification of the copyrighted work. Identification of the URLs on which the work is being served. A statement that you have a good faith belief the copyright worked has not been authorized for use by our website and that you are an authorized agent of the copyright owner.
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